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Tiny Towns - Custom Location Commission

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Check out "Tiny Towns," the latest in our lineup for those who love cityscapes as much as nature. This collection brings your favorite city spots to life in 3D. Perfect alongside our "Tiny Topo" range, "Tiny Towns" focuses on brining the urban places you've been and the moments you've had into a product you can proudly display in your home.


Dimensions & Personal Touch:

Each "Tiny Towns" model is a detailed 205mm x 205mm piece, neatly framed at 250mm x 250mm with a clean white border and an ash backboard. What's cool? You can get the backboard custom-etched. Maybe a date, a name, or a little message - it's your call. Celebrate a proposal location and the date with a custom etching? Your local team has a historic result? Etch that backboard with the score, scorers and date.


Perfect for Urban Explorers:

Got some city memories you cherish? "Tiny Towns" is all about that. It's a way to keep those city adventures right in your living room. Whether it's a big city skyline or a hidden street corner, we capture it in detail.


Custom locations

Tiny Towns is fully custom and we can produce a model of any urban location so you can be assured that the place with your special memories can be made specially for you or your lucky gift recipient.

When ordering complete the text box on this order page with the location you would like made and we can get to work producing a 3d proof for you. You can include as much or as little detail as you like. I manually design these so dont worry too much as ill reach out if im not clear and you will see proofs before manufacture via email. You can include links to google maps for the place you would like central also

Tiny Towns works best at a scale of around 1km - 2km square so please bear that in mind. If larger areas are needed multiple orders can be tiled into a larger view. This would be unframed so each Tiny Town could display along side its neighbour building up into a larger area.

Ordering Process

To order your custom Tiny Towns complete the text box with details of your custom location. If you would like a custom etch on the backboard. By default I will use location name and coordinates so if you would like a custom etching be sure to complete that textbook

Once your order is received we will generate a 3d model of your location as a proof and provide that proof to you via email. At that point if you would like any changes it is no issue at all and we can produce further proofs until you are happy with the location shown. If you decide that your location doesn't work as you hoped it would during the proofing process it is no problem to cancel and we will issue a full refund. You can feel confident when it comes to ordering a location that is unique to you.

Once your proof is confirmed your order will enter our production queue. Generally it is around two weeks from proof confirmation to shipping but this can change during peak times.



Colour and Finish

Currently these are offered in a white finish only but I may look to add more colours in the future. If you have a particular request dont hesitate to reach out and I can see what I can do.


Framed vs Unframed


We offer a framed version with the custom backboard etching and a compeltely standalone version that you can frame yourself. The unframed version cannot be etched as it will not come with the backboard, Only the model themselves. Unframed is also perfect if you want to tile multiple models alongside each other.

Points of Consideration

As open data is used in the manufacture of these maps the data is only as up to date as the last scan. That can mean that recent developments may not be reflected in the data. Small additions can be made in the proofing process but part of the process is to check the map data meets your expectations.

The models are made using FDM manufacturing and PLA plastics. This can lead to slight imperfections in finish but all models will be hand finished after manufacture to a high quality


Data provided by:

(C) Mapbox (C) OpenStreetMap


Enter your Custom Location information here.
This item can have a custom message etched onto the area to the bottom right as shown in the images. If you would like a message or logo etching here let me know in the box below.

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