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Tiny Topography. Fully Custom Location Topographic Model

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Tiny Topography

Tiny Topography brings beautifully tactile custom topographic designs to your desktop, wall or hand.

When designing Tiny Topography I wanted to deliver a product that enabled you to have a little slice of your travels on your office desk and the concept expanded from there to also feature framed wall mounting as well as stand alone models.

These fully custom location models mean that the memories you've got from the places you've been and the moments you've had can be with you in even more places.

Another core design aim of Tiny Topography is that these models should be handled. They are beautifully tactile and we have designed a unique magnetic mounting system into every model so even if you choose a desktop or framed wall mount for your Tiny Topography the model can be instantly snapped on and off its mount.

These are meant to be held and our magnetic mounting system ensures it is as easy as possible to do so.

Custom locations

Tiny Topography is fully custom and we can produce a topographic model of any topographic location so you can be assured that the place with your special memories can be made specially for you or your lucky gift recipient.

When ordering complete the text box on this order page with the location you would like made and we can get to work producing a 3d proof for you.

Also if you order a mount for your Tiny Topography these mounts all have space for  text to be etched. By default this will be the location and coordinates but you can customise that text if you wish.

Mounting options

Every Tiny Topography model features four embedded magnets that enables us to design a variety of mounting options. Currently We have three varieties of Tiny Topography.

Desktop Mount

This beautifully minimal mount is designed to allow you to display your Tiny Topography on a desktop. Perfect for bringing memories of your travels to the home or work office. Your model Magnetically attaches to the angled stand so you can enjoy its tactility easily. The desktop mount also features an area for a laser etch for a location name or custom messageCustom topographic modelTiny Topography magnetic mount

Framed Mount

Perfect for wall mounting  or standing on side tables the framed mount includes an open fronted frame with four magnetic attachment points for your Tiny Topography so the model can be easily removed and reattached. Also featuring a laser etch for the location name or a custom message this mounting option is a great option. The frame is 250mm x 250mm and can be stood up using the built in stand on the back or hung on a wall. 

Framed MountFramed Topography


If you would Just like a stand alone Tiny Topography we also offer that. We still mount the four magnets so if you would like to add a frame or desktop mount later it is possible. Or you could even work Tiny Topography into a mount of your own design. 


Tiny Topography Models are all 87mm x 130mm. Height differs by location.

Desktop Mount dimensions are 140mm x 112mm x 40mm

Framed Mount dimensions are 250mm x 250mm x 60mm

Colour options

We currently have four finishing options for Tiny Topography. Choose whichever you would like for your custom location.


A textured finish with a sandstone shade. This finish has a lovely texture in the hand and resembles sandstone.

Sandstone Finish

 Deep Grey

This is another textured finish that is darker with a shade that resembles slate with a gritty texture.


 Smooth Grey

This is an untextured smooth finish that has a light grey tone. Beautifully minimal

Smooth Grey

Arctic White

Our second smooth finish that is an arctic white. 

arctic white

Ordering Process

To order your custom Tiny Topography select the colour and mounting option you would like and complete the text box with details of your custom location. If you would like a custom etch (framed and desktop mount only) rather than the default location name and coordinates leave details of the text you would like etched in the same text box.

Once your order is received we will generate a 3d model of your location as a proof and provide that proof to you via email. At that point if you would like any changes it is no issue at all and we can produce further proofs until you are happy with the location shown. If you decide that your location doesn't work as you hoped it would during the proofing process it is no problem to cancel and we will issue a full refund. You can feel confident when it comes to ordering a location that is unique to you.

Once your proof is confirmed your order will enter our production queue. Generally it is around two weeks from proof confirmation to shipping but this can change during peak times.


Data provided by:

(C) Mapbox (C) OpenStreetMap






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