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Grand CanyonTopographic Carved Map. Oak Hardwood.

£299.00 GBP

Here we have a full hardwood topographic carving of the incredible Grand Canyon. Specifically from the Grand Canyon Village up to the northern rim.


These carved hardwood maps are a genuinely unique item that has a weight and physicality that speaks of quality using the finest quality real hard wood timbers. Each one is created using satellite data to produce an accurate but aesthetically pleasing design for your space.

The sizes listed on this listing are by no means the only sizes I can provide and if you have a custom size or even a unique shape that you would like please get in touch via this form and we can start a conversation about your needs https://overview.design/commissionanitem/.

If you have an idea for your space id love to make it into a reality for you so please do reach out with your ideas.

If you would prefer to have a discussion prior to purchase please get in touch via the form on this page https://overview.design/commissionanitem/ and i will get back to you asap.



Dimensions are fully custom but I have provided some standard sizes on this listing here with prices if you are looking for a classic wall art size. All carvings are made from 44mm thick hardwoods with the carvings themselves being around 30 to 25mm deep depending on what works best for your location.

The timbers used are oak


Machining Process

Each item is computer carved from a 3d model designed by myself generated from both satellite data and LIDAR data available worldwide. This model is then carved into a hardwood slab prepared by myself ahead of time. This carving process is both incredibly accurate and time consuming. A typical carve takes upwards of 12 hours carving time with larger carves stretching over a day of continuous carving. This carving is then taken and hand finished by sanding and applying a matte clearcoat to protect the timber from humidity changes in your home.

Data provided by:

(C) Mapbox (C) OpenStreetMap

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