New York City Map

The protective shipping cover of each city map can be customised with a message which is perfect for gifting.

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Here we have a beautiful multi layered high detail overview map of New York, specifically lower Manhattan. This was my first design and the one that started Overview as a business so I always love making this design again.

Built by hand using four individual layers it forms a tactile and unique item of art that i am incredibly proud of.

This design has carved roads and a unique texture etched into the waterways.

The materials used are a combination of high density draft board which has a beautiful neutral shade and a lighter birch wood to create contrast.

Every order is designed, manufactured and built by myself meaning you get a unique item direct from the creator.



Every map at overview comes complete with a beautiful cover to protect your map from the rigours of shipping. This can also be customised with a message making it the perfect addition if gifting.

To customise your cover select the option to do so when purchasing and add your unique message. You can see images of the unmodified cover in the product listings.



You can see an example of how the dark wood option works in the product Listing. The wood used is a walnut veneer. This is also available in a lighter wood. Examples seen elsewhere on the store.

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